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5D Premade fans (long stem)

Sale price$11.95 AUD

5D lashes are 5 individual silk lashes that are heat bonded together to give a fuller and more voluminous look, they are extremely light weight and are 100% cruelty free quality PBT synthetic material from Korea. They are beautifully fanned just like a handmade volume fan, this is the reason why its suitable for both beginner and professional lash artists.


  1. Use a 45 degree or slim boot tweezer for this procedure.
  2. Gently grasp the lashes by the stem, positioning the tweezer just above where the adhesive strip ends.
  3. Swiftly and gently pluck the lash away from the adhesive strip.

Following these steps carefully will help you remove the lashes effectively and safely.

5D 0.07 - 132 fans per tray

5D Premade fans (long stem)
5D Premade fans (long stem) Sale price$11.95 AUD