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Alcohol Wipes

Sale price$9.95 AUD

Our 70% isopropyl alcohol pads are a vital component of maintaining a hygienic and safe workspace. They provide an efficient way to disinfect tools and instruments, promoting a high standard of hygiene in professional settings while ensuring the safety and well-being of both lash technician and clients. 

  • Disinfection: Isopropyl alcohol is known for its disinfecting properties and is effective at killing a wide range of bacteria and viruses. These alcohol pads are ideal for disinfecting tools such as tweezers and scissors.
  • Single-Use: It's crucial to emphasize that each alcohol swab should only be used once and then disposed of properly. Reusing a swab can lead to cross-contamination and is not considered hygienic.


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Alcohol Wipes
Alcohol Wipes Sale price$9.95 AUD