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Glass tile for glue

Sale price$6.95 AUD

A glass tile for glue is a specialized tool commonly used in lashing. It's a smooth, flat piece of glass typically designed to hold and work with adhesive.

Precise Adhesive Application: Lash technicians often use glass tiles along with an adhesive sticker to dispense and control the amount of adhesive they apply during eyelash extension procedures. The smooth surface allows for precise and controlled application.

Easy to Clean: Glass is non-porous and easy to clean and sanitize, making it a hygienic choice for the lashing. After each use, the glass tile can be quickly cleaned to ensure a clean and safe workspace.

Durability: Glass tiles are durable and resistant to staining, ensuring they maintain their smooth surface even with repeated use. This durability makes them a long-lasting tool for professionals.

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Glass tile for glue
Glass tile for glue Sale price$6.95 AUD