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Gel eye pads (lint free)

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These eye pads are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a wide range of eye shapes and offer easy adjustability. During eyelash application, they serve multiple important functions:

  • Fits Various Eye Shapes: The eye pads are designed to conform to different eye shapes, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for each client.
  • Protective Barrier: They function as a protective barrier between the tweezers and the client's skin, minimizing the risk of accidental contact and discomfort during the eyelash extension procedure.
  • Bottom Lash Control: These pads also assist in holding down the client's bottom lashes, helping to keep them out of the way during lash extension application on the upper lashes. This ensures a clean and precise application.

1 pair per pack

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Gel eye pads (lint free)
Gel eye pads (lint free) Sale price$0.30 AUD