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ILS Super Bonder

Sale price$29.95 AUD

ILS super bonder is designed to accelerate the curing or bonding process of adhesives. It is used in conjunction with ILS black adhesive to speed up the drying or setting time, making the adhesive bond stronger and more secure. 

  • Eyelash Extension Application: In the eyelash extension industry, a super bonder is often used to enhance the bonding of eyelash extensions to natural lashes. It is applied after the lash extensions are attached to help the adhesive cure faster and ensure a strong bond.
  • Reducing Fume Sensitivity: Super bonders can also help reduce fume sensitivity during eyelash extension procedures by quickly sealing the adhesive and minimizing fumes that may cause discomfort to the client.


Using micro brush, gently apply a small amount to the base of the extension after drying the lashes

Ingredients: Water, Methionine, Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Polyvinylpyrrolidone

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ILS Super Bonder
ILS Super Bonder Sale price$29.95 AUD