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Kuromi handheld fan

Sale price$24.95 AUD

A rechargeable electric fan designed for drying adhesive during and after eyelash application is a specialized tool used in the beauty and eyelash extension industry. This fan serves a specific purpose related to eyelash extension procedures and adhesive fumes. Here are its key features and benefits:

  • Adhesive Curing: The primary function of this fan is to help cure or dry the lash adhesive more quickly and efficiently. This is crucial during the eyelash extension application process to ensure that the adhesive sets properly.
  • Fume Elimination: By accelerating the curing process of the adhesive, this fan also helps reduce the fumes emitted during the drying process. This is beneficial for both the lash technician and the client, as it minimizes potential discomfort from fumes.
  • Rechargeable: These fans are designed to be rechargeable, allowing for cordless operation. This adds convenience and flexibility to the lash technician's workspace, as they can use the fan without being tethered to a power outlet.


Size: 21cmx11cm

Battery: rechargeable 5V lithium

Content: USB fan, charging cable


Hold device 15cm away from clients closed eyes for about a minute

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Kuromi handheld fan
Kuromi handheld fan Sale price$24.95 AUD